Join the Team

We're on a mission to build the world's easiest data-solution. If you're interested in a position, send us an e-mail at:

VP of Engineering

Management, Remote


Join the team as a possible Co-Founder. Help us build an amazing tech team. Lead all engineering initiatives. Design the overall architecture & infrastructure.

Head of Marketing

Management, Remote

Customer DevelopmentGrowthGo-to-Market

Join the team as a possible Co-Founder. Lead all customer-facing initiatives from day #1. Start with customer discovery and research, provide the product team with insights and use-cases. Help us get to Product-Market-Fit then scale to Growth.

Sr. Full-Stack Developer

Engineering, Remote


Join as a founding team member. Provide support throughout the entire stack, including the Web (React.js) & Mobile (React Native) clients and the Back-End (Node.js, Express, MongoDB)

Sr. Back-End Developer

Engineering, Remote


Join as a founding team member to lead all Back-End initiatives at Datapad. Using Node.js, Express and MongoDB create and maintain the entire Back-End infrastructure. Lead all 3rd-Party data-integration initiatives. Help out with Devops challenges and AWS hosting.