Data-Culture,Made Easy.

Make data accessible to everyone, create transparency and alignment in your organization.

Enable absolutely everyone in your team
Get instant answers to simple questions
Re-imagine how reporting works

Collectively Maintain a "Metrics-Hub"

Anyone in your team can add snippets using interactive charts & tables. It's so simple, absolutely everyone can contribute.

Everyone Gets Notified of Everyting.

Whenever a new metric is added or updated the entire team gets notified. We feed your employees with the most important updates so they don’t have to lift a finger to be in the know.

Each Metric is Accounted For

Every metric is assigned & reported by a team-member. This accountability leads to data that your team can actually trust. Increased ownership drives motivation for the entire team.

“Google-Search” Your Company Metrics

Get immediate answers exactly when you need them. No more interrupted meetings or uneducated decisions. Datapad can search inside your data, so you can retrieve results by searching for keywords.

Conversations Lead to Engagement & Alignment

An essential part of culture-building is expressing opinions and feedback. Our social feed & commenting functions enable anyone to join-in on the conversation.

Tasks, Requests & Periodic Reminders

Periodic reminders helps automate boring reporting chores & keeps your data fresh. Tasks & workflows make it easy to request data from team-members.